SCaLE Genetics & Genomics Meeting

I visited UC Riverside’s beautiful campus this Saturday (4/11) for the Southern California Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics meeting. It was a fantastic venue for graduate students, post-docs and faculty to chat informally and to hear some fascinating talks from across evolutionary genetics. I heartily recommend this (free!) meeting to any evolutionary geneticists in SoCal.

UC Riverside

I was particularly interested in Dr. Melissa Sayres talk about a dip in male Y chromosomal diversity around the time agriculture was introduced into different human populations, which could possibly be explained by an increase in variance of male reproductive success due to a more stratified society.



I am so excited to say that I’ve received an NSF Pre-doc (GRFP) fellowship, giving me three years of funding! I am developing a sea otter genomics project, including sequencing the Enhydra lutris genome de novo and using low-coverage resequencing to gather SNP data across the species’ range. I plan to estimate the species’ demographic history using a coalescent approach and determine whether certain populations have accumulated deleterious alleles after the extreme population bottleneck due to the fur trade.